Due to some NCC directive, the DND initiative was inaugurated and that has lead to thousands of gsm subscribers especially mtn users not to be able to receive bulk sms.


What exactly is a DND Number?

A DND number is a GSM number that cannot receive Bulk SMS because the owner of the line has subscribed to DND service to stop receiving Bulk SMS or MTN network has illegally subscribed the GSM line for DND service without the owner’s consent. Note, most times the user might now even know that he has been subscribed to DND.

DND At A Glance

Do-Not-Disturb (DND) is an initiative of Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC) to prevent GSM subscribers from receiving unsolicited messages in which Bulk SMS is inclusive. Any GSM line with DND active on it cannot receive Bulk SMS hence the reason why some of the recipients of your Bulk SMS still don’t receive message. For more information on DND, please visit our Blog page.

But there is a good news for you as you can now send SMS to DND numbers using our corporate route.

How to send number to DND numbers using our corporate routes

We have come up with a special corporate route that will enable you to send bulk sms and it gets delivered to all numbers including DND numbers.

To subscribe to this route, you only need to text your username with the word corporate route to any of our contact numbers (07062359125). Once you do this, you will be migrated to the corporate route in six hours.

Things to note about the coporate route.

  1. It delivers bulk sms to all numbers including DND numbers.
  2. Each message cost 2 units.
  3. It uses a default sender id of “infodesk”. This is part of NCC directives and we cant do much about it.


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